Arriving at the University of the Balearic Islands

You’ve arrived. What now? Your first days at the UIB will be hectic, that’s for sure. Your “To Do” list will be a long one and you won’t have much time. We’ll explain point by point what you have to do first when you arrive at the UIB.

  1. Inform the International Relations Service (SRI) that you’ve arrived.
  2. Attend the welcome event and take part in the activities that we’ve organized for you.
  3. Meet your tutor or mobility coordinator to clear up any questions you might have (subjects, timetables, in which language subjects are taught, etc.) and specially to decide which subjects you will study at the UIB.
  4. Register for your course at the appropriate Administration Services office. You have to bring the final list of subjects that you will study signed by your tutor or coordinator and your Identity Card or passport. There, they will give you the registration form, timetable, classrooms, examination dates and your username and password to access the UIBDigital, our E-administration.
  5. Pay for your student card and compulsory insurance at one of the banks on the campus.
  6. Request a student card through UIBDigital.
  7. Request your Foreigner Identification Number (NIE) and register on the municipality census.
  8. Get an urban bus card (Tarjeta Ciudadana). To apply for it, you have to go the EMT Office, at Josep Anselm Clavé, 5, close to Plaza de España (Palma). You have to bring both a photocopy of your passport or Identity Card and a photocopy of the registration form of the UIB. It is a free card and it works like an electronic cash card. You can charge it at the Campus Bookstore or at newsagent's shops.

If you need to send any document to your home university (a certificate of arrival at the UIB, the Final Study Programme, etc.), contact your tutor or the International Relations Office, you can use the telephone and fax of the SRI at the UIB from Monday to Friday (10 am to 14 pm).

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