What do I have to do before I leave the UIB?

Aside from making sure that you’ve asked for the telephone numbers of people you’ve met during your stay and added them to your Facebook page (also remembering that the UIB has a Facebook page, Facebook.com/somUIB), there a few academic formalities that you should complete. We’ll also help you with them.

  1. Pick up your academic record from your Administration Service office.
  2. Apply for the UIB Certificate of Attendance at the SRI.
  3. Pick up the certificates for any language courses you’ve done and any other document you need.

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Has your stay at the UIB come to an end? Are you sure you want to go? Why not stay?

The UIB offers over one hundred university courses, including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, its own qualifications and complementary training courses. If you’ve come to study part of your degree here, have a look at everything you can do afterwards with us. The UIB ranks second in Spain in terms of its scientific productivity and eighth in its teaching. This is a good mix, making the UIB one of the best choices. The climate and setting do all the rest.

The UIB is also open in summer

 Every summer, we organize a Summer University at the UIB, with short highly topical courses for you to continue your education, broaden your knowledge and refresh what you already know. It’s a perfect excuse to come to the Balearic Islands.